If you live where the temperatures stay in the mid to low 80’s then you may not think air conditioners are important. Unfortunately, most of us in the United States live in areas where we need relief from high temperatures – mainly in the summer – and that relief is brought by some sort of air conditioning unit. Petitt Heating & Cooling is here to bring that relief to the Middle Tennessee area because it can get downright hot and miserable around these parts.

Air conditioners act as refrigerators for your home. They use a process to draw humidity from the air inside your home, releasing it outside and therefore cooling the air indoors.

Air conditioners are typically split into two parts: an indoor unit with a fan and evaporator coil, and an outdoor unit with the condenser coil and compressor. The evaporator transfers heat from the inside of your home to the outside through a refrigerant gas, which is cycled by the compressor. Fans within both units move air through in order to transfer the heat out through vents. In addition to providing comfort during hot months, air conditioning helps reduce humidity levels in homes as well, creating a more comfortable environment in highly humid climates.

How Did Refrigeration Happen in Air Conditioning?

Picture an old photo where a man and his family are standing by an ice-house on the side of the road in the mid-1950s, while making a stop on their way to California. You might assume this ice house is a type of mini market where you buy soda and snacks for the trip. What you might be surprised to learn is that it was actually a place where they would buy blocks of ice for the front floorboard of older cars. Those floorboards on the passenger side had metal grates and they would put the ice there as they traveled. It would draw the air over the ice and cool the interior of the car. Heat went out the open windows, while cool air came in through the floorboard. Who knew?!

Now we can see that refrigeration is a life-altering technology and the air conditioner is an offshoot of this invention, fundamentally built on the same principles but adapted and engineered to meet the needs of modern households. Refrigerators and air conditioners both rely on coolants to absorb heat from an area and release it elsewhere. And these coolants keep changing, as well as some of the overall technology used with it, to meet the demands of climate change and ozone damage. You’ll want to keep this in mind as you make future decisions about the type of unit you will want in the future.

When did this refrigeration process originate?

It was commercial refrigerators that were the first to be developed in early 20th century America, quickly becoming commonplace appliances by mid-century. Before long, architectural engineers had applied similar technology to superior cooling devices we now recognize as air conditioning units.

On top of technology derived from refrigeration systems, air conditioners must also be designed to withstand a variety of environmental factors while having user-friendly features such as programmable digital displays. Many companies have taken advantage of these innovations and helped create a culmination of engineering marvels that are now found all over the world and it keeps getting better every day.

Which Air Conditioning Unit Is Right for Your Family?

Air conditioning solutions can vary greatly depending on the size of the area you are looking to cool, and your budget.

  • Window air conditioners are smaller units that fit in your window sill, making them great for cooling a single room or small space. A more mobile solution, portable air conditioners usually stand alone and do not require installation like a window or split-system air conditioner.
  • Split-system air conditioners are fitted through the wall and offer an added element of convenience as they typically include heating and cooling functions in one unit.
  • For larger spaces, particularly entire homes or commercial applications, central air conditioning systems are the right choice. These systems have multiple parts that work together to reach every area of your space with cool air.

Also, not every system and brand are alike when it comes to these systems. The output and energy source can be different as well as the servicing and replacement parts. A cheaper unit might sound great at the beginning of the purchase. However, if there are issues, you may be waiting for a while to get the parts you need to get the repairs made – and they may cost you more than you realize.

Rely On Our Techs for Quality Care

The bottom line is the experienced technicians at Petitt Heating & Cooling can help you assess and make the best air conditioning decision for your space and family. For any and all of your HVAC needs, give us a call today at 615-654-0814. We are here to help.