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Gallatin, TN is a place we love to travel to, as the neighborhoods are welcoming and there’s always people out and about enjoying all the area has to offer. That includes parks, like Bledsoe Creek State Park and Triple Creek Park, shopping options in the historic downtown area, and other attractions, like the Sumner County Museum or Gallatin Civic Center.

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Our Heating & Cooling Services

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner should be service at least once every year. When you choose to work with us, you can expect a thorough examination of your entire A/C system, ensuring the early identification of any potential issues or threats – long before they escalate and turn into expensive problems.

Our comprehensive checklist cover various aspects, such as the gauges’ operating pressures, air temperature drops, belt tensions, evaporator coils, wirings, connections, safety float switches, and more. Additionally, we provide services like lubricating all moving parts, adjusting belt tension (as necessary), cleaning accessible evaporator coils, and cleaning and adjusting your thermostat. Our goal is to guarantee that every component of your system operates safely and efficiently.


Like, your A/C unit, your heating system should be checked yearly, as well. Our annual heating services are comprehensive, covering thermostat checks, burner and control cleaning, fan control and temperature rise assessments, air filtration checks, lubrication of moving parts, complete furnace cycle checks, gas leak inspections, belt checks, and tension adjustments, among other things.

We ensure a thorough examination of your entire heating system to address any potential issues, so that when cold weather arrives, you can enjoy a worry-free and cozy indoor environment.

Gas Logs

Gas logs are the perfect choice for many – they provide convenient heating (with a simple switch or button), create an idyllic fireplace ambiance without the hassle of traditional wood gathering, and they are extremely energy-efficient, delivering substantial heat output, all while remaining easy to use and adjust. Add in virtually no mess mess and extra maintenance associated with real wood fires, and it’s hard to find a downside.

But low maintenance, doesn’t mean no maintenance. Regular checkins with a professional is still a must to keep your gas logs operating well. If you need to book a service – or need new gas logs installed – count on us.

Attic Solar Fans

An attic fan is a ventilation system installed in the ceiling of your attic, designed to combat the heat and humidity that often accumulate in this space during hot summer days. Its primary function is to expel hot air from the attic while drawing in cooler outside air, easing the workload on your air conditioner. This process not only helps cool the attic but also contributes to maintaining a comfortable living space below.

Additionally, the attic fan can keep insulation drier in winter, preventing unnecessary strain on your heating system. Overall, the benefits include a more efficient HVAC system, reduced repair needs, improved comfort, and lower monthly energy bills.

Looking Indoor Air Quality Solutions?

We have a comprehensive list of services that ensure you get more from the air your breathing:

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