Middle Tennessee Residents Breathe Easier with AirScrubber by Aerus®

Our homes, schools, and places of work should be areas where we feel healthy, safe, and comfortable. Unfortunately, high levels of airborne pollutants can affect these things more than we realize.

Unclean air can cause a number of potential health problems from physical discomfort (such as coughing, sneezing, or irritated eyes) to long-term health complications (like respiratory illnesses, severe allergies, and asthma attacks).

Fortunately, there are solutions. Controlling levels of contaminants in the air along with adequate air filtration products ensures that your indoor air is cleaner and safer for the space’s occupants. How can this be done? By investing in proper maintenance for your heating and cooling system, as well as implementing tools to improve indoor air quality.

If you need assistance improving air quality in your home or business, reach out to the team here at Petitt Heating & Cooling to start exploring your options. Sumner County residents consistently keep their air cleaner and fresher with our indoor air quality services.

How Do Air Filtration Systems Work?

To put it simply, air is drawn into the system, where it passes through filters that catch any harmful particles or pollutants that may be putting you at risk of illness or respiratory distress. Once the air is cleared of these, it’s released back into your home for you to breathe in. Here’s a breakdown:

      1. Air is drawn into your air filtration system using a fan or blower.
      2. This air passes through a filter that’s designed to remove harmful substances.
      3. The filter captures these particles and pollutants.
      4. The clean air is released back into your house or business.

Now, it seems simple enough, but when it comes to the science behind these systems, things get a little more complicated. That’s why trusting a team that knows what they’re talking about and who can recommend the best products in the market is a must.

Here at Petitt, we install AirScrubber by Aerus®, which has proven itself time and time again for home and business owners throughout Sumner County that need air filtration services. If you want results that deliver, every time, this is the product to trust – and we can set you up with it.

What Is AirScrubber by Aerus®?

At Petitt Heating & Cooling, we use AirScrubber by Aerus® which uses ActivePure® Technology to reduce up to 99.9% of both airborne and surface contaminants that are common in homes throughout Belle Meade, Cross Plains, East Nashville, Germantown, and more.

This technology is eco-friendly and scientifically proven to keep your air cleaner and the people in your household healthier. If you’re looking for a solution to your indoor air quality issues, investing in this technology with us is the right path to take.

Graphic of house  and the flow of air to keep your home clean.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using AirScrubber by Aerus®?

Why is AirScrubber by Aerus® the preferred option for so many HVAC experts?

  • It always incorporates the latest ActivePure technology.
  • It’ll work around the clock to keep your air purer and decontaminated.
  • It effectively reduces allergy symptoms.
  • It can be installed directly into your ductwork system.
  • It keeps your HVAC system better protected.
  • It reduces buildup in your vents, which improves HVAC system efficiency and extends its lifespan.
  • It reduces the likelihood of experiencing illness and other respiratory issues.
  • It reduces the spread of viruses and mold spores.
Air scrubber mounted to wall.  Keeps allergens, build-up in vents as well as reducing the spread of viruses and mold.

Why Are Air Filtration Services Important?

Air filtration services play an important role in maintaining a healthy atmosphere inside a person’s home or office space. These systems operate by filtering air as it enters the space to reduce airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, dander, and other pollutants which can contribute to allergies, asthma, and other serious ailments.

In the end, the likelihood of getting ill is reduced dramatically, while comfort levels are increased. Think about it – would you prefer breathing in the fresh air of a meadow or air from a construction site that’s filled with dirt, sawdust, and more? While the extremes in your home might not be that drastic, it offers a good visual of how air can be impacted.

Why not get the cleanest air possible? Count on us to get you there.

Is Air Filtration Maintenance Necessary?

As your air filtration system continues to capture pollutants in your air, it might become clogged, which will in turn will reduce how effective it can do its job. This is one reason why regular professional maintenance is such a necessity when it comes to HVAC care and services.

Ensure your system is always performing optimally by signing up for a maintenance plan with us. We offer two tune-ups per year (one in spring and one in fall), so that nothing gets missed or overlooked. We’ll also send text reminders, so you know when it’s time to get these services booked, and you’ll get discounts on parts and repairs too.

In the end, these plans ensure your system can run strong all year, no matter the season, and if any issues present themselves, they’ll be spotted and corrected quickly.

Can Air Purifiers & Filtration Systems Remove Dust?

You bet – in fact, it’s one of their main functions.

Essentially air purifiers are designed to draw in your polluted air, then pass it through a filter before sending it back out, free of dander, pollen, harmful particles, and – you guessed it – dust.

What’s important to note here, though, is that not all air purifiers are created equal. Your system’s effectiveness will depend on its quality and whether or not it’s the right setup for your home’s size and specific needs. That’s why we suggest working with professionals – like us – from the very start to ensure no stone is left unturned.

For instance, a busy household with multiple levels will need something stronger than a one-level home with only one or two people living in it.

We also advise tackling dust and other harmful pollutants at the source as much as possible – i.e. vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, etc. Your air purifier, along with the rest of your HVAC system, can do a lot, but the less debris it’s forced to filter out, the better. This will ensure it has a longer lifespan, uses less energy (saving you money), and can do its job as effectively as possible.

Can My Air Purifier & Filtration Systems Remove Bad Odors & Smells?

Yes! All filtration systems should come with carbon filters that work specifically to address any unwanted odors. Like with removing dust, though, it’s important to remember that some systems do a better job at this than others.

Fortunately for homeowners in White House, Springfield, Hendersonville, Green Hills, and more, this won’t be an issue when we’re on the job. Why? Because the AirScrubber by Aerus® is known for effectively removing all types of odors that may be affecting the overall quality of your air and the comfortability of your home.

Ask us about getting this system incorporated into your HVAC routine today.

Can Air Purifiers & Filtration Systems Help With Allergies?

Absolutely. These systems are known for purifying and cleaning your air, which means the risk of worsened allergy symptoms – along with respiratory diseases, asthma, and more – are reduced significantly. If you’re living with someone who suffers from some type of respiratory illness, an air filtration system could make a huge difference for them.

Can Air Filtration Systems Improve Sleep Quality?

Evidence has shown that indoor air quality can make a big impact on a person’s sleep cycles. By removing any irritants or allergens from the air, residents in the space feel better and are less prone to illness, both of which can help them fall asleep more quickly – and sleep more soundly once they’re out.

Can Air Purifiers & Filtration Systems Prevent Mold?

Air filtration systems can help prevent mold spores from reproducing and spreading, yes. That said, they cannot remove mold that’s already present, and they shouldn’t be working alone to prevent the formation and spread of this harmful and notoriously hard-to-remove substance.

For example, humidity levels play a huge role in whether or not mold can form, thrive, and spread, so getting yours in check will likely play a more significant role in preventing mold in your home than a filtration system would.

Fortunately, our team can help with all of that too. Ask us about all we can do to keep mold and mildew at bay. We’re certain we can find the perfect combination of indoor air quality products to suit your needs.

Can Air Filtration Systems Remove Pet Dander & Hair?

Have a pet that you love to pieces, but struggle with hair and dander floating through your air? This is highly unpleasant and it can be harmful to your health and wellbeing too. But, let’s face it, giving up your furbaby isn’t an option, right?

Air filtration systems can help immensely in solving the issue of too much pet hair and dander in your space. Not only do they help to effectively filter these things out, but they can assist with any unpleasant smells your critters can bring in with them too. In conclusion… if you have pets, an air filtration can make your life a whole lot easier.

Can Air Filtration Systems Stop the Spread of Viruses?

Absolutely, and in fact, this is something the ActivePure technology is well known for. It has been proven to fight a wide range of pathogens, fungi, and bacteria, including aspergillus niger (a toxic black mold surrogate), H1N1 (an influenza A virus), bacillus globigii (an anthrax surrogate), and more.

This means, the likelihood of anyone in your household getting sick (whether they’re prone to respiratory illness or not) is minimized – and who wouldn’t want that?

How Do I Choose the Right Air Filtration System for My Needs?

When deciding which air filtration system would be best suited for your needs and home consider the following:

  • the size of your home
  • the amount of pollutants in your home
  • the presence of pets in your home
  • the activity levels of your home
  • the type of pollutants you hope to remove
  • whether or not those in your home are prone to allergies, asthma or respiratory issues

In the end, working with an expert will be the best place to start, and they can offer the best recommendations for your unique needs. If you aren’t sure where to start, please give the Petitt Heating & Cooling team a call today.

Why Trust Petitt Heating & Cooling for My Air Filtration Needs?

  • We’re educated. We invest in continuous training, as well as work to maintain industry certifications and memberships, to ensure we’re always on top of it all. If there are any industry advancements, updates, or news, rest assured we’ll know about it, empowering us to bring you the highest level of care possible.
  • We offer personalized care. Finding the right HVAC services and products for your household requires personalizing things based on your needs and budget. The size and business of your household should definitely be considered, as should what you can currently afford. We’ll take every factor into play, ensuring you’re exactly where you need to be.
  • We’re respectful and honest. We pride ourselves on our high levels of integrity, and we take the time to ensure you’re listened to and your questions are answered. We maintain high levels of respect for all of our customers and their property, so you can feel good about having our team around.

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The right dehumidifier for your home can significantly help with your indoor air quality, improving the health of your famuly in the process.